Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

How do you know what kind of self storage will best take care of your belongings? At Available Self Storage, we understand that each storage load and situation is unique, and that is why we provide a wide selection of storage units for you to choose from. Walk through our outdoor and temperature-controlled storage options with one of our experts, or handle your entire rental online. Your perfect storage unit awaits in Mobile, AL!

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I. What Is Temperature Control?

II. Discover the Benefits of Storing Indoors

III. Items that Need Climate-Controlled Storage

temperature-controlled storage units

What Exactly Is a Temperature-Controlled Storage Space?

Temperature-controlled storage units are specialized facilities designed to maintain a consistent temperature range, typically between 55°F and 85°F, regardless of the external weather conditions. These units are ideal for storing items sensitive to temperature variations, such as electronics, wooden furniture, artwork, other media, and musical instruments. By keeping a steady temperature, they help protect your belongings from damage caused by extreme heat or cold.

It’s important to distinguish between temperature-controlled storage and other amenities, especially climate control. While both maintain a controlled environment, climate-controlled units manage both temperature and humidity levels. A temperature-controlled unit focuses mainly on the temperature, which still helps to keep moisture bay. Standard drive-up storage units are more about convenience and accessibility. You can drive your vehicle directly up to these units for easy loading and unloading. However, they do not offer the same level of temperature regulation as temperature-controlled units.

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Advantages of Opting for Temperature Control

Temperature-controlled storage units bring a host of benefits, particularly for items that demand a stable and consistent environment. Do not risk damage to your precious belongings by not taking into account their specific needs.

Protecting Sensitive Belongings in Varied Climates

In Mobile, known for its humid subtropical climate, a temperature-controlled unit is a useful tool in protecting delicate objects. Since these units maintain a constant temperature, crucial for protecting sensitive items from the potential damages caused by Alabama’s heat and humidity, they play a pivotal role in preserving the condition and prolonging the life of these valuables. Electronics, wooden furnishings, musical instruments, and fine arts are just some items that are highly vulnerable to shifts in temperature and humidity. Read on to learn about other items that benefit from being stored in a temperature-controlled space.

Increased Security Measures to Assure Your Peace of Mind

Positioned within secure buildings, our temperature-controlled units add an extra layer of security. This indoor environment not only deters theft but also offers protection against environmental factors such as humidity, pests, and possible water intrusion. Each entryway has restricted keypad access that only tenants and staff are authorized to enter.

Ideal for Long-Term Storage

For those requiring extended storage solutions, consider temperature-controlled units. They guarantee that your belongings stay in pristine condition over time, regardless of how long they need to be stored. When items are stored in a stable, controlled environment, they are less likely to suffer from warping, cracking, rusting, mold, and mildew, which are common problems in traditional storage settings.

What Items Are Best Protected When Stored in a Temperature-Controlled Environment?

Temperature-controlled storage is ideal for preserving a variety of items that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Here are some examples:

  • Electronics and Media: Items like computers, televisions, cameras, DVDs, and vinyl records are susceptible to extreme temperatures and humidity, which can cause malfunction or deterioration.
  • Wooden Furniture: Wood can warp, crack, or swell under fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. Antique furniture or high-quality wooden pieces, in particular, benefit greatly from temperature-controlled environments.
  • Artwork and Collectibles: Paintings, sculptures, and collectible items can suffer damage from temperature extremes and humidity. This type of storage helps maintain the integrity of colors, materials, and structures.
  • Musical Instruments: Instruments such as pianos, guitars, violins, and woodwind instruments are sensitive to temperature changes. Humidity can warp wood and affect the sound quality, while dry conditions can cause cracks.
  • Photographs and Documents: Paper items, including photographs, business records, and personal documents, are prone to damage from humidity and high temperatures. These conditions can lead to fading, discoloration, and deterioration of paper.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics: Certain medications and beauty products require stable temperatures to maintain their effectiveness and prevent spoilage.
  • Leather Goods: Items made from leather, such as clothing, bags, and furniture, can crack and deteriorate when exposed to varying temperatures and humidity levels.
  • Textiles and Clothing: High-end clothing, especially items made from delicate fabrics like silk or wool, can be damaged by extreme temperatures and moisture.
  • Important Business Inventory: Businesses that store products sensitive to environmental conditions, like electronics or specialty goods, can benefit from the consistent environment provided by temperature-controlled storage.

Premier Indoor Storage Units for Mobile, Alabama

As you search for the ideal storage solution in Mobile, AL, Available Self Storage arises as a top choice, especially when it comes to  temperature-controlled storage. Situated close to downtown, our self storage facility is tailored to meet a wide array of storage needs. Whether you’re looking for the convenience of drive-up units, the protective environment of temperature-controlled spaces, or secure parking for your vehicle, we have it all.

Each unit situated behind a fenced and gated perimeter, under the watchful eye of 24-hour security cameras, and accessible only through secure keypad entry. This ensures that your treasured belongings are not just stored, but also thoroughly protected. At Available Self Storage, we strive to provide an easy and worry-free storage experience.

So why wait? Embrace the opportunity to declutter, organize, and protect your belongings with us in Mobile, AL. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our facilities and to find the perfect storage solution for your needs. Your peace of mind is just a reservation away with Available Self Storage!

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